AITI programmes are structured to provide a broad-based foundation focusing on user needs, problem-solving skills, logical thinking, design specification and algorithm design. Programmes are taught through a flexible combination of lectures, tutorials, team work and independent study. Our emphasis on practical hands-on based training ensures that our course participants are industry-ready upon successful graduation.






Post-Graduate Diploma

The courses are targeted at graduates of tertiary institutions, working professionals looking to improve their knowledge of ICTs and enhance their business output.

Admission to AITI is highly competitive and based on standard aptitude tests compiled by seasoned IT faculty. Once a course participant, one will enjoy the benefits of some state-of-the-art ICT learning resources and receive good training from qualified faculty, not to mention the bustling student body.


Students are to note that, in order to be considered as having successfully completed any course students are/were enrolled in, ALL outstanding resit examination(s)/tests/assignments/project work or any form of assessment ought to have been handed in and assessed to be OK by module instructor/supervisor NOT later than 6 calendar months (or not exceeding 186 days) from the official end date of course. Students who would have failed to satisfy the requirement/meeting the deadline would have forfeited the opportunity to earn the certificate for the course.


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