GI-KACE, IITM Organizes Maiden e-ITEC in Ghana

The Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT (GI-KACE) in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IITM) is organizing the maiden e-ITEC programme in Ghana for the West African Sub-Region.

The e-ITEC programme is a special initiative of the Ministry of External Affairs, India to support ICT capacity building effort as a bilateral programme of assistance of the government of India.

Training or capacity building is one of the major activities under e-ITEC. The professionals and people from developing countries are offered unique training courses, in different centres of excellence in India which empower them with not just professional skills, but prepare them for an increasingly globalized world.

The e-ITEC programme is the first to be running outside India and the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence is the first to run it.

GI-KACE in its quest to support the Government of Ghana’s digitization agenda and execute its mandate as the ICT capacity building Agency under the Ministry of Communication, Ghana extended invitation to institutions to participate in the maiden e-ITEC programme which is being held worldwide in Accra.

In all 22 participants from different institutions are currently undergoing an eight week Big Data Analytics training, while registration is ongoing for High Performance Computing, which foreign residents in Ghana can take part.

The e-ITEC programme is being run by Indian experts from the IITM with Technical support from GI-KACE, and participants are undergoing training on how to describe flow process for data science problems, classify data problems into standard typology, develop R and Python for data science, and correlate results to the solution approach.

ITEC will award each participant a certificate at the end of the eight week training programme